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During my ten years experience in the grooming industry, I have been asked many questions. Here are the top ten frequently asked questions and some expert answers.

1. How often should I get my dog groomed?

Answer: Depending on your dog's coat, grooming can be done every 4-6 weeks for dogs with longer hair and every 8 weeks for dogs with short hair.

2. What methods do you use to make my pet sit still? Do you drug them!?

Answer: Absolutely not. Only your veterinarian can provide any sedatives for nervous or aggressive dogs that might panic. Of course your dog can be perfectly fine without them because dogs, like humans, can be completely different when their away from "Mommy and Daddy".

3. How do you dry my pet? Do you put them into a cage?

Answer: You dog will be placed on a secured table after the bath and hand dried with professional dryers so they do not get burned or overheated. We do not place any animals in cages to dry them.

4. Do I need an appointment? How long does the whole process take?

Answer: It is recommended that you make an appointment to ensure your pet is accommodated in a speedy manner. A pet with an appointment only takes 1-2 hours depending on your pet's mannerisms, breed and size.

5. Do you cut nails?

Answer: Yes. Every pet gets a nail clipping with every grooming. We cut nails as short as possible without cutting the vein.

6. If my dog misbehaves, will you muzzle him/her?

Answer: Since a muzzle can make an aggressive dog's behavior worsen we opt to avoid it. In most cases we can calm a pet by talking to them or giving them toys, to assure we are only here to help them, not hurt them. In some cases a second person is needed to help steady a dog with a hugging type hold. If necessary, in extreme cases we have used muzzles.

7. Do you have different shampoos for itchy or allergic dogs?

Answer: Yes. We have a variety of shampoos. Some are scented for pets that love the dirt and mud. We have shampoos for dogs with allergies and several different kinds of medicated shampoos, such as natural oatmeal for dry, itchy, or flaky skin and medicated for Bacterial, fungal or skin conditions.

8. What about dogs that shed allot? How do you stop it?

Answer: We have a special de-shedding system called "The furminator" which includes a shampoo and conditioner that soaks into your pet to help loosen dead hair and under coats. This treatment is then followed by a special shedding tool that pulls the entire loose coat out.

9. Do you express the Anal Glands?

Answer: We at furst class grooming genuinely care about the health of your pet and feel this should be done by your vet. Due to common anal infections, most dogs (especially larger breeds) will release these glands on their own. This can occur during bowel movements, while being groomed or when they feel threatened.

10. Do you groom cats also?

Answer: Yes we also groom cats. Like canines, Felines should be groomed regularly. Although they clean themselves, matting does occur (especially with long haired breeds). Matting causes extreme discomfort by pulling the skin together which can cause a harmful injury to the cat's skin. We also clip nails and clean your cat's ears.